Contained Design

The aim of Contained Design is to build sustainable modular homes. The idea is originally inspired by shipping containers. The dimensions and foundational frames of the containers make the modules both affordable and flexible. Core values of the concept are affordability – flexibility – sustainability

The living spaces are produced for starters and consist of 2 – 6 separate modules that together form a complete structure of 40 – 90 square metres in total. By combining the modules in different structures the homes can be custom fit to meet individual needs. This results in a functional living space that “grows” with you as one can easily add or discard modules according to your needs.

The modules are combined into communities that consist of 5 – 10 homes. These communities are connected to a micro-grid that is supported by wind and solar energy. The site where the units are placed further provides communal parking space in combination with storage units. Moreover, a collective garden and other facilities are built such as the micro-grid related facilities for the storage of energy. Ultimately, the community is self-sufficient in terms of energy production and maintenance of the site. 

Contained Design works together closely with municipalities to provide  the option for land lease. As a result, the concept becomes both affordable and flexible, allowing homeowners to move to different locations. The land lease option also allows municipalities to become more flexible in offering housing and to use plots of land that are currently not in use or do not have fully developed plans. For the end user the monthly leasehold fee effectively replaces the costs for energy since the sustainable energy systems are integrated and included in the price of the modules.


“I believe it is possible that, through horizontal and vertical lines constructed with awareness, but not with calculation, led by high intuition, and brought to harmony and rhythm, these basic forms of beauty, supplemented if necessary by other direct lines or curves, can become a work of art, as strong as it is true”

Piet Mondriaan


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